Bespoke Development Centres

How can you test if someone really has potential?

Potential for the future is not just what people know, but how they go about it. Past performance doesn’t always equate to future success.

Research shows that well designed development centres are the most reliable predictors of future job success and performance.

The process for both is the same as for an assessment centre, but the output differs – whilst assessment centres inform the recruitment selection decisions, development centres confirm talent. As such they can be used to identify development needs and also inform future promotion potential.

How can we help?

We have extensive experience of designing and running bespoke development centres in a wide range of organisations. We specialise in designing bespoke exercises designed to simulate the future demands of the roles you are trying to identify talent for. We will put together the whole process for you, from initial design of bespoke exercises, management of logistics, provision of expert assessors and actors, delivery of individual feedback, through to ongoing development support of successful candidates.