Core Workshops

Although we are not a ‘training’ company, workshops are often a good way to provide some developmental input. Over the last few years we have developed a series of core workshops that really add value to some of the biggest challenges managers are facing.

Leadership Essentials is a one-day workshop designed to introduce managers to some of the fundamentals of leadership.

Developing People Performance introduces managers to the key skills of coaching and giving feedback.

Change Loop Thinking is designed to introduce a highly practical process to help managers develop clarity around vision and then plan actions to move towards that vision.

Developing Resilience is for all levels of employee and is aimed at helping them define personal strategies to develop their levels of personal resilience

Delegation is a half day workshop designed to help managers review their delegation habits.

Managing Constructive Feedback is designed to provide managers with the core skills and confidence they need to effectively manage feedback sessions.

Leading Change is designed to provide managers with the essential knowledge and behaviours they need to successfully lead people through change.