Our software platform will enable you to capture engagement data throughout the whole employee lifecycle.



What you will get from us is big consultancy technology with small consultancy agility and service.

Losing people unnecessarily could be costing your business a fortune. However, many organisations don’t systematically collect information on why people leave. Even if they do the data is often inconsistent and it is rarely analysed on a regular basis.


Our tailored online exit survey is designed to help you either replace your traditional exit interview process or supplement it where you want to continue meeting with key leavers face to face.


It will help you accurately identify why people are leaving your organisation and enable you to focus your efforts on addressing the key issues to reduce employee turnover.


Our integrated survey and dashboarding platform gives you the ability to capture views from leavers combined with the ability continually access, manipulate and report on your data, all in one place and in real time through our web-based dashboard. It significantly reduces the time it takes to generate reports, but is actually designed to eliminate the need for formal reporting in the first place.

Looking to run a survey?


We can help you design a new survey from scratch or refine your existing survey. We can then deploy the survey for you and provide you with access to your data through our dashboard.

Have data from an existing survey, but want to bring the data to life?


We can import your existing data into our database and the provide you with access to the data through our dashboard.

Want to integrate data from a number of surveys?


Our platform will allow you to run onboarder, engagement and exit surveys and access all of the data through our dashboard.

Why use an online survey?


Traditional exit interviews take up a lot of time and resource and incur significant cost. Leavers are also often uncomfortable telling you ‘the whole story’ face to face, meaning that potentially damaging trends are missed and changes that could reduce the cost of employee turnover are not made.


Our exit survey will enable you to:

  • save the cost, time and resource required to conduct face-to-face exit interviews
  • gather more reliable data. Leavers tend to provide more open feedback when the service is anonymous and managed by a third party
  • collect data in a consistent format
  • have the data analysed for you on a regular basis
  • report key trends back to the business
  • see how your organisation compares to other organisations in our database
  • implement specific changes to reduce employee turnover and track changes in the data over time

Deploy customised surveys. 

Everything from content to look and feel can be tailored to suit you. We have our own question library to use as a start point, but what makes us is different is that we believe in deploying YOUR survey rather than ours.


Instant access to your data. 

Surveys are a means to the end. The real value is in understanding what the data is telling you, where to focus your efforts and how to measure the impact on the business. Our platform will provide you with instant access to your data via our web-enabled dashboard. You can specify how many people have access to the data and to what extent. The dashboard contains analysis tools to allow you to interrogate the data, generate ad hoc reports and define key data to pin to your own dashboard for quick and constant reference.


Import your historical data.

There is actually no need to run a survey to utilise our dashboard. We can simply upload your historical data into our database and you will be able to start interrogating it.


User driven reporting. 

Enabling managers to take ownership of engagement data is a constant challenge. Whilst we can generate reports for you, our software is designed to provide you with the ability to interrogate and report on your own data. Users can generate as many reports as frequently as they want so you don’t have to wait for us (or pay for us!) to generate reports for you.

Manage multiple surveys.

Our dashboard is designed to act as the portal for all of your survey data. If you run onboarder, engagement and leaver surveys you will be able to monitor the data from each survey in one place enabling you to compare data across surveys.


Compare your data with other surveys and companies. 

We have built our database in such a way that you can run multiple comparisons between different sets of data. This allows you to compare between surveys, different parts of the business and also compare your business with other businesses in our ever growing database.


Multiple languages.

You will be able to deploy surveys in multiple languages and even collect data in one language and view the results in another. All we need to do is translate the relevant content.


Full consultancy support. 

We’re not a software company so we appreciate that our clients value someone who can make it work for them. Most people don’t have the time or patience to really make use of ‘self-service’ so we will work with you throughout the process and do the admin for you. We will also work with you to design your surveys and we can help you with interpretation of your data. We can even provide consultancy input to help you implement actions in the business.


Mobile friendly.

The survey and dashboard are mobile friendly so surveys can be completed and the dashboard can be accessed through any web-enabled device.


Comprehensive, but simple analysis.

Most people do not want to spend time learning a business intelligence tool. We have built our dashboard in a way that tells the story that is most useful to help you understand what your data is telling you.

For more info, or a demo, just drop us a line…