How’s dry January going??

How many new year resolutions have you made? Lose weight, do more exercise, detox, spend more time with the family?

Let’s face it we know we’re going to fail (must think more positively this year), but I can recommend a great book which might just help. It’s called ‘The Power of Habit’ by Charles Duhigg and I thoroughly recommend it. The author is ‘an author’ rather than a ‘management guru’ so it’s extremely well written and easy to read. It basically outlines that our habits are pretty much hard wired so are extremely difficult to change. But they can be changed. It’s so powerful that we’re now including it in our core workshops to strengthen the learning for people who attend.

The challenge is to identify your default behavioural patterns – your habits. Work out what triggers them, and ideally what it is that rewards the pattern, but more importantly seek out a more suitable alternative pattern. With belief and practice the new pattern over-rides the old habit and, voila, you’ll be one stone lighter, happier and more fulfilled. Easy. Now where are the biscuits…

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