Onboarder Surveys

Our data shows that after as little as 8 weeks in the job new starters start to feel some level of dissatisfaction with their job and the company.

If we assume that most people start a new job fully engaged, something must be happening to erode their level of engagement.

Our tailored online onboarder survey service will help you identify the things that could be causing disengagement in your people during the early stages of their time with you. It will help you review your recruitment and induction processes and strengthen your employee value proposition by ensuring that new employees’ expectations of the company are being met.

We will:

  • Work with you to create your tailored online onboarder survey
  • Provide you with regular reports highlighting key trends
  • Provide you and your key stakeholders with an insight into significant trends in the data and how your company compares to other organisations
  • Identify your priority areas of focus and help you define next steps