Bring your survey data to life

Surveys are a means to the end, they have limited value unless you can make sense of the data. However, the days of waiting weeks for expensive paper-based reports are over.


Our survey dashboard will provide you with instant real-time access to your data meaning you spend less on having us produce reports for you. 

Comprehensive, yet intuitive analytics


Most people do not want to spend time learning a business intelligence tool so we have built our survey dashboard in a way that tells the story that is most useful to help you understand what your data is telling you. We’ll help you understand the power of the dashboard and support you along the way, but once you are comfortable you will be able to drill down and slice and dice the data to your heart’s content. Above all, our platform will allow you to easily identify the specific things that will have the biggest impact on the employee experience in your organisation.

Compare your data with other surveys and companies


We have built our database in such a way that you can run multiple comparisons between different sets of data. This not only allows you to compare between surveys and different parts of the organisation, but also to compare your organisation with others in our ever growing database.

Flexible on-demand reporting


Once you have played around with the data our survey dashboard will allow you to generate as many reports as you want, when you want so you don’t have to wait (or pay!) for us to generate reports for you. Any chart or data table that you create in the dashboard can be added to a report, you can add commentary to your reports and edit them before sharing them with other stakeholders.

Manage multiple surveys


Our survey dashboard is designed to act as the portal for all of your survey data. It will allow you to compare results from different surveys over time. If you run onboarder, engagement and exit surveys you will be able to analyse and compare the data from each survey in one place helping you to identify how to improve the employee experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

Import your historical data


There is actually no need to run a new survey to utilise our survey dashboard. We can simply upload your historical data into our database and you will be able to start interrogating it.