It is widely acknowledged that levels of employee engagement can have a direct impact on business performance, but understanding how to increase levels of engagement is a real challenge.


For us engagement is a two-way street – employees need to give their best efforts to the organisation, but the organisation also has to ensure that the culture and employee experience is enabling employees to give their best. A good engagement survey will help you identify how well the organisation is delivering on its commitment and it will help you identify the specific things that are most closely related to how engaged people feel. Above all it will enable you to identify the specific things that the organisation needs to do more of in order to drive levels of employee engagement.

Painless survey design

Our aim is to make the process as painless as possible. We will work with you to develop an engagement survey that is tailored to your specific needs.


Once your engagement survey is live our dashboard will provide you with real-time access to your data with powerful, but intuitive analytics.


Bring your survey data to life

Use your survey data to make a difference

Provide users with real-time access to their own data so they can take ownership for improving the employee experience in their part of the organisation.