Losing people unnecessarily could be costing your organisation a fortune, not just the tangible costs of replacing people, but the hidden costs of the time involved to replace people and bring them up to speed. What’s more there is the reputational risk of not being known as an employer of choice.


Yet many organisations still don’t systematically collect information on why people leave, believing that turnover is inevitable. Even where they do collect some kind of information the data is often inconsistent and is rarely collated or analysed in a meaningful way.


Online exit surveys are much more efficient than face-to-face or telephone exit interviews – not only do theytake up a lot of time and resource and incur significant cost, but leavers are invariably uncomfortable telling you the whole story.


Our exit surveys will help you accurately identify why people are leaving your business so you can strengthen your employee value proposition and improve the overall employee experience.

Painless survey design

Our aim is to make the process as painless as possible. We will work with you to develop an exit survey that is tailored to your specific needs.


Once your exit survey is live our dashboard will provide you with real-time access to your data with powerful, but intuitive analytics.


Bring your survey data to life

Use your survey data to make a difference

Provide users with real-time access to their own data so they can take ownership for improving the employee experience in their part of the organisation.