Use the insights  from your data to make a difference to the business

Understanding the data is one thing, using it to create change is another and organisations often stall when it comes to implementing change. The psychology of behaviour change tells us that we can’t really focus on making more than a couple of changes at a time, that we need to be very specific about what we are trying to change, and that we need to put a lot of effort into reinforcing the new habits. It’s the same when it comes to implementing change in organisations.


Our survey dashboard contains features to enable you to implement tangible change based on your survey data.

Empower managers to take ownership


Our survey dashboard is designed to give users access to their data so they can take ownership for implementing change in their part of the organisation. We can slice the data so that each user has access to the full functionality of the survey dashboard, but only for their part of the organisation.

Identify key priorities


Part of the analytics in our survey dashboard will allow you to identify the specific things that the organisation needs to improve based on your survey data.

Define action plans


Our survey dashboard contains a dedicated action planning section where users can define actions based on the priorities they identify from their data.

Run ad-hoc polls and pulse surveys


Our survey dashboard action planning functionality allows you to run ad-hoc polls or pulse surveys whenever you want, to measure what you want with who you want. This creates focus and enables you to track changes over time.

Full consultancy support


We’re not a software company, we actually have a strong background in HR and learning and development, but what we have tried to do is apply technology to help HR add more value to the organisation.


As such, we will work with you to understand what your data is telling you. We can provide consultancy input to help you implement actions in the business. We can also do additional analysis to explore the relationship between your survey data and specific business KPIs, which can be a very powerful way of securing commitment to change from senior stakeholders.