We just need to get our survey up and running with minimum hassle

Whether you are looking to put a brand new survey in place or refine an existing one we will work with you to create a survey that is tailored to what you are trying to achieve.


We know that you’re mega busy so we’ll keep it simple, stress free and as painless as possible. There are some things we’ll need to decide between us and some things you will need to do, but you can trust us to manage the project and get on with doing the set up work for you. We’ll go as fast, or as slow, as you want and we don’t charge by the hour so we’ll invest as much time as is needed to support you through the design process.


The first step is to discuss what you are trying to achieve in broad terms. We’ll ask you to review our question library as we’ve already spent lots of time refining the question wording and we know which questions work well. We’ll use our experience of being trusted by lots of other companies to guide you through what key decisions need to be made and what we need from you.


We have our own web-based survey platform that allows us to create tailored online surveys so we will create a survey draft that can be reviewed online and on paper. Changes are easy to make so we will produce as many iterations as we need to until you feel it is right for you.


Once the survey is finalised, all that needs to happen is for the link to the survey to be emailed out. The survey is mobile friendly so it can be completed on any web-enabled device.