Tailored Engagement Surveys

What really drives engagement in your business?

It is now widely acknowledged that levels of engagement can impact business performance, which makes it a real leadership issue.

From our research we have found that highly engaged employees are highly committed to their work AND they are highly satisfied with their job.

How can we help?

Our employee engagement model is research validated and designed to be simple and cost-effective, but very powerful.

As well as identifying how your organisation stacks up against each of the factors, there are three things that make our approach unique:

  • We tailor the survey content and reporting package to suit your organisation
  • We go beyond just providing you with average engagement ‘scores’ by identifying the things which are having the biggest impact on employee engagement in your organisation – the things that matter most to your people
  • We’re not just a survey company – we can work with you to help define plans to address the key improvement areas