Select the right talent. Understand how to engage and retain that talent

Behavioural Assessment

Hiring the right people in the first place is the most effective way to create the culture and performance you want in your business.

We will help you:

  • define how your people need to behave to reinforce the culture you want and help your business perform
  • make better selection decisions with the use of tailored rigorous assessment processes
  • identify who your most talented people are and find out how to develop them for bigger roles

Employee Experience Surveys

Ensuring the employee experience is as positive as possible will maximise employee engagement and retention of your best talent.

Our integrated survey and dashboard analytics platform we will help you:

  • deploy tailored onboarding surveys, engagement surveys, pulse surveys and exit surveys
  • continually access your data, carry out meaningful analytics and report on your data
  • increase the level of ownership of operational managers for improving the employee experience in their part of the business

Our values

It’s not just what we know, but how we do it that makes the difference.

We keep it simple, focusing on what works in practice without causing you extra work.


You’ll be amazed how quickly we respond to you and turn things around. We also know that things change so we’ll adapt to your changing goalposts.


We’ll take the time to share our experience and provide a bit of guidance, but will always adapt the approach to fit your needs.


We take as much time as you need. We don't clock watch or charge for talking it through or for those “could you justs”


We work hard to get it done. We’ll check the detail and keep an eye on the plan for you and always do what we say we will.


We’re also pretty friendly. We’re here to help so hopefully we'll enjoy working together.